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Customer Intelligence Analytics

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Customer Intelligence Analytics

This service provides priceless insight into what customers need and want. Used properly, this insight has the potential to unlock unlimited value. However, many organizations aren’t taking full advantage of the insight. Data is spread across silos and stuck in legacy systems. It’s difficult to access. It’s not accurate or complete. And when it is available, brands don’t know how to use the data to drive value. Peppers & Rogers Group’s Customer Intelligence Analytics Practice helps business leaders put their data to work, uncovering opportunities to create short-term financial impact and long-term enterprise value.

Capabilities and Services

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Design

We combine historical and predictive models to determine the current and potential lifetime value of customers in order to understand where to allocate resources and forecast what the highest value might be if the customer relationships were to be maximized.

Customer Insight and Voice of the Customer Analytics

VOC analytics help organizations listen, interpret and act on what their customers are saying. This insight informs what is really important to customers and helps organizations prioritize.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling can be applied to a range of business challenges from next best action strategies to churn prevention. We help clients determine the best product, service, feature, price, or contact approach to maximize market share and profits.

Customer Segmentation

This holistic approach helps our clients identify and quantify opportunities and risks across segments, and prioritize treatment strategies that get results.