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Contact Center Analytics

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Contact Center Analytics

Contact Center Analytics offers a combination of consulting and implementation services which focus on continual optimization, the use of advanced analytic techniques, and improvements to achieve sustained results and benefits.

The following key streams focus on the various areas of Contact Center Optimization:

Call Elimination Strategy

This includes analytics-driven IVR optimization, FCR improvements, web breakage elimination, and cross-channel penetration strategies that focus on continuous call elimination.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

We build integrated frameworks for voice of the customer and call quality processes to capture the true essence of customer feedback; we optimize the CSAT questionnaire to evaluate the overall performance of the contact center.

Advanced MIS and Reporting Services

This includes readily deployable, custom, pre-built reporting templates and standardized best-in-class reports, which can be plugged into existing customer data sources orhosted data marts with minimal IT cost.

Contact Center Technology Assessment

We perform independent third-party assessment of the contact center infrastructure, applications, reporting, and quality tools to provide insights for sustained optimization of performance through analytically driven technology projects and initiatives.